West Bengal SC & ST Development & Finance Corporation (WBSCSTD&FC)


One of the major concerns of Indian planning has been the welfare and development of the weaker sections of society and among them more especially that of the scheduled castes, the scheduled tribes who constitute nearly one quarter of the total population. These groups have, for historical reasons, remained socially and economically backward and hence concerted efforts have been made under the plan to raise their social and economic status. SCSTD&FC Skill training program has a directly link to wage employment were drawn up and implemented for improving the educational and economic status of the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes so that they are uplifted in both financially and non-financially aspects of life.



To train the SC ST candidates and make them aware of Healthcare Sector and enhance their Knowledge on General Duty Assistant.


West Bengal (Durgapur, Domkol, Contai, Kalyani)